CIECA Debuts New Automated Build Process

CIECA has announced that the organisation has completed the 2020R1 release of the CIECA Standards for the collision repair industry.

“The highlight of the release is a new automated build process for the publication of CIECA Standards,” said Charley Quirt, CIECA’s technical project coordinator. “This is a significant change and will help ensure consistency and provide better quality assurance.”

The association will host its next CIECAst webinar, “CIECA 2020R1 Standards Release — Enhanced Quality Assurance Tools & Processes” on Tuesday 28 July at 11 AM CST. It will run for one hour and feature Andy Bober, a software engineer at Entegral who played a key role in the development of the release and will share information about the new build process. Bober has over 20 years of experience in information technology. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session.

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CIECAst June 2020 Webinar Detailed

CIECA has announced that its next CIECAst webinar, “Back to the Future of Collision Repair & How CIECA Brings All Industry Segments Together”, will be held on Tuesday 30 June at 11 AM CST. It will run for one hour and feature Erick Bickett, past CEO and co-founder of Auto Center Auto Body (ACAB) Automotive Group and Fix Auto USA.

Bickett will talk about the current landscape of the collision repair industry and what changes are expected to happen in the future. He will discuss how the industry has been affected by COVID-19 and offer businesses tips on what people need to do to prepare and be sustainable for the long-term. Bickett will also talk about the role CIECA plays for all segments of the collision repair industry.

“CIECA is the only industry organisation providing standard methods of electronic commerce used by the entire collision industry community,” said Bickett.

Bickett and his partner started ACAB in 1984 and founded Fix Auto USA, which was sold along with ACAB to Driven Brands in April this year. Over his 39-year career, Bickett has been involved in the establishment of several other companies, including Caliber Collision and CynCast, a technology company serving thousands of collision repair shops that was later sold to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Bickett and his partners also set up the Collision Career Institute (CCI), an educational organisation that supports apprenticeships in the collision industry.

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CIECA Names Paul Barry Executive Director

CIECA has selected Paul Barry for the role of Executive Director. Barry will work with CIECA’s board of trustees to develop a clear mission and objectives for the organisation and an effective strategy to accomplish them.

“With the rapid changes to vehicles driven by technology, including autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the landscape is evolving very quickly,” said Barry. “My goal as Executive Director is to help the board identify challenges faced by the industry and work with all segments of CIECA’s member companies to develop a strategic roadmap to take us to the next chapter.”

CIECA said Barry has over 30 years of experience in the insurance and technology industries. Over the last 20 years, he has held executive and senior leadership positions with a focus on claims and automotive repair technology.

“We are excited to welcome Paul Barry to the CIECA team,” said Kim DeVallance Caron, CIECA Chairwoman and Director of Global Product Development, Enterprise Holdings. “His years of industry experience, combined with his prior involvement with CIECA, will be instrumental in taking the organisation into the future.

“On behalf of CIECA’s board of directors and members, we want to show our appreciation to Ed Weidmann, who has acted as CIECA’s Interim Director over the last year. Ed played an essential role in helping the organisation continue its mission to develop and promote electronic standards that allow the collision industry to be more efficient.”

Barry has worked with CIECA in different roles for many years. From 2011-2013, he served on the executive committee as Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-Chairman and has also attended committee meetings as a company representative and/or board member.

“CIECA has come a long way in recent years with the development of the BMS [Business Message Suite],” said Barry. “I am very excited about the opportunity to work with a lot of great companies and people at a time when the industry is going through major changes and look forward to meeting with industry leaders in the coming weeks and months.”

CIECAst Webinar Announced For May 2020

CIECA has announced its next CIECAst webinar: ADAS Calibrations – Do It Right and Document What You Do. The webinar will be held on Tuesday 19 May at 11 AM CST, will run for one hour and feature Brent Johnson, Director of Global Product Management for Collision at Chief Collision Technology.

“More than ever before, drivers are relying on advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as lane departure, automatic emergency braking and even autonomous driving features to keep them safe,” said Johnson. “While these systems represent major leaps forward in safety, they are not foolproof and these vehicles are still involved in collisions. When these systems need repair or replacement, they must be calibrated.”

Johnson will discuss the importance of providing a foundation for proper repairs and ADAS calibration procedures, and share best practices for repair record keeping and documentation.

“Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, the repair may require a dynamic calibration (drive around), static calibration (using targets) or even a combination of the two,” said Johnson. “If calibration is not done, the ADAS features may not work properly and can pose a safety risk to the driver. Because the repairing shop may be liable should something go wrong, it’s important for shops to keep detailed records of what repairs were performed and how the repair was done.”

With degrees in automation and business administration, Johnson has spent more than 20 years in the collision repair industry with Chief Collision Technology. His career with Chief has focused mostly in research and development around vehicle data and information technologies. In his current role, Johnson is responsible for all collision products. He has spent the last two years working with Chief’s partners, leading the project development of Chief’s Mosaic ADT, which the company says is the industry’s first automated ADAS calibration system that uses OEM tools, targets and procedures.

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CIECA Connex 2020 Registration Opens

CIECA has opened registration for its annual conference, Connex 2020, which will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, from 14-16 September.

The event will feature a line-up of business and technical speakers, networking opportunities and a vehicle gifting as part of the National Auto Body Council Recycled Rides programme. Also included will be a tour of Hendrick Motorsports.

The event is open to all industry stakeholders which includes CIECA members, non-members, OEMs, repairers, insurers, information providers, car rental companies, recyclers and new entrants to the collision ecosystem.

“CIECA Connex 2020 is a perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge of the issues challenging our industry,” said Ed Weidmann, CIECA Executive Director. “Standardised communication provides the ability to streamline interaction among companies. Connex is an excellent forum to learn about data standards, new business practices and the technical knowledge needed to streamline business workflows and compete in today’s challenging and ever-changing marketplace.”

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CIECAst Webinar Announced For March 2020

CIECA has announced its next CIECAst webinar – The Key to Collaboration: Combining Technology and Communication. The webinar will be held on Tuesday 17 March at 11 AM CST, will run for one hour and feature Michael Ortega, Senior Director of Application Development at Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA).

Ortega will talk about collaborating effectively using the right technical tools, including OpenAPI (originally known as Swagger), and will share when to use the technology and how to align company teams.

Ortega has five years of management experience within IAA in leading diverse technical teams on a variety of projects with a focus on networking, compliance and information security. He helped revamp IAA’s disaster recovery testing process as a Business Continuity Program Manager and is currently responsible for the development, maintenance and running of the company’s external applications for sellers, applications for buyers, and the application integration platform. Ortega has over 20 years of network and information security expertise and has worked at IBM and R.R. Donnelly.

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CIECA Announces 2020 Board Of Trustees Officers

The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) held a board meeting in California on 15 January to elect four new officers to the Board of Trustees for 2020.

Kim DeVallance Caron, Enterprise Holdings, was elected Chairwoman; Jeff Schroder,, Vice Chair; Michael Naoom, Safelite Solutions, Treasurer; and Greg Best, California Casualty Management Company was elected Secretary.

A more detailed biography of the Board of Trustees officers can be found on the CIECA website here. The officers will serve on CIECA’s Executive Committee, which oversees business matters throughout the year and plans the agenda for CIECA’s board meetings.

“For the past 25 years, CIECA has served the collision repair ecosystem by creating electronic communication standards that allow the industry to be more efficient,” said DeVallance Caron. “With cars becoming increasingly complex, the industry is embarking on new ways to handle claims. As a result, data will need to be communicated and CIECA will help meet this need.”

DeVallance Caron said that it’s important that all segments of the industry continue to work together to adapt to the new technology being introduced. She added that she encourages all segments of the industry to join a CIECA committee, learn more about the organisation and help shape the future.

CIECA develops electronic standards, codes and standard messages, and provides implementation guides to make the industry more efficient. All standards are developed by members. CIECA membership is open to the collision repair and property restoration industries, along with related segments: repairers, insurers, OEMs, parts and material suppliers, information and software providers, car rental companies, towing companies, salvage and recycled parts providers, auto glass replacement facilities, subrogation providers, general service providers and property restoration providers. CIECA’s goals are to deliver benefits to all participants through reduced development and support costs, lower cost of implementation, reduced barrier to entry and faster development times.

CIECAst Webinar Announced For January 2020

CIECA has announced its next CIECAst webinar – It’s 2020: Where Are Claims & the Collision Repair Market Heading? The webinar will be held on Tuesday 21 January, 2020 at 11 AM CST, will run for one hour, and will feature Sean Carey, President of SCG Management Consultants.

Carey will talk about where claims and the collision repair market are heading in the future, while also discussing the best way to prepare based on industry segment –  independent shop, MSO, insurer, OEM or supply chain provider. Carey will also give a long-term view of the market.

Carey has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has worked at Nissan as manager of its London Certified Collision Repair Program, at Fix Auto where he was jointly responsible for CynCast, and established Carter & Carter International. In 2009, Carey established SCG Management Consulting and has since consulted with all sectors of the automotive claims industry. Over the past five years, he has become a regular speaker at industry conferences regarding telematics and the potential impact it will have on the claims and collision market.

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CIECA Announces New November 2019 Webinar

CIECA has announced its next CIECAst webinar: “This Changes Everything: The Impact of New Technologies on the Auto Physical Damage & Claims Ecosystem – What Repairers and Other Collision Industry Stakeholders Need to Know”.

The webinar will run for one hour on Tuesday 12 November at 11 am CST and will feature Stephen Applebaum, Managing Partner of Insurance Solutions Group.

Applebaum will share his subject matter expertise and insights into the business disruption being experienced by participants across the entire vehicle insurance ecosystem. It will include insurance carriers, collision repairers and all the supply chain partners and customers.

“Today, like never before in the history of our industry, change is constant and accelerating and trying to understand and keep up with the changes is challenging,” said Applebaum. “Harder still is predicting the future and how to plan for it and continue to succeed and grow.”

CIECA says Applebaum is a frequent chairman, guest speaker and panellist at Insurance Nexus North America and other industry conferences, while contributing to major insurance industry publications. The company says he has a passion for coaching, mentoring, business process innovation and constructive transformation, applying disruptive technology, and managing organisational change in the North American property/casualty insurance industry and trading partner communities.

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