CIECA Forms OEM Repair Procedures Committee

CIECA has announced the formation of a Standards Development Committee focused on OEM repair procedures and build sheet data. All industry stakeholders, including CIECA and non-CIECA members, have been invited by the organisation to join.

“CIECA’s Emerging Technologies Committee was reviewing pain points in the collision industry and determined that OEM repair procedures and build sheet data needed to be addressed,” said Paulette Reed, CIECA’s Technical Project Manager. “As a result, attendees proposed forming a new CIECA project committee to look at standardising the data provided in OEM repair procedures and build sheet data.”

The new committee will be chaired by Mark Allen, Manager Collision, Equipment & EV After Sales Service at Audi of America, and Phil Martinez, Technical Consultant at Mitchell International.

Allen is a CIECA committee member who participates in the Emerging Technologies Committee and has presented at the CIECA CONNEX Conference.

Martinez, CIECA’s Chairman, has participated and led the development of CIECA Standards since the organisation was founded. For the past 27 years, he has represented Mitchell International on the CIECA Board of Trustees and Executive Committees and chairs several committees.

“In recent years, the OEMs have taken a much more active role in the collision repair process and the industry,” said Paul Barry, CIECA’s Executive Director. “For shops to repair vehicles properly, they need easy access to repair procedures in a consistent fashion.”

Barry said many people in the industry see an opportunity to develop a more standardised approach to exchange repair procedure information and have asked CIECA to work with the industry to see what is possible.

“We are excited to assemble a committee of industry experts who can help guide the creation of standards that benefit all segments of the industry,” Barry said.

The committee chairs are encouraging all interested industry stakeholders to attend the meetings.

“We need business people as much as we need technical people to ensure we develop standards and solutions that meet the needs of our industry,” Martinez said.