(Webinar) CIECA 2021R1 Release Updates Collision Industry Standards

(Webinar) CIECA 2021R1 Release Updates Collision Industry Standards

The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) has announced that its first standards release of the year, 2021R1, will be made available to members on 21 April. The release includes updates made to the CIECA Code List and two new messages requested by the Salvage Committee.

As part of the CIECA Technical Series, the organisation will host a CIECAST webinar about the 2021R1 on 22 April at 1 PM CST. Paulette Reed, CIECA’s Technical Project Manager, will present an overview of the changes that are part of the 2021R1 release.

CIECA’s Architecture Committee publishes updated collision industry standards twice a year. Prior to each release, the committee holds quality assurance (QA) sessions to review the changes to the Business Message Specification (BMS), Code List, and Instance Documents and Schemas; verify they meet the Architecture Guidelines; validate spelling; and ensure all changes to the BMS are in the Schema.

“This release is a great example of how CIECA committees work together to form industry standards,” said Reed.

During the last quality assurance session for the 2020R2 release, Reed said architecture committee members identified items that did not meet its Architecture Guidelines. As a result, research was conducted by everyone involved and sent to CIECA’s committees for review. Updates were made to the CIECA Code List to ensure certain values were in line with the Architecture Guidelines, including part type, rate type, labour type, total type and other charges.

Reed said the other main change to 2021R1 is the implementation of two new messages requested by CIECA’s Salvage Committee related to the Disposition Inquiry.

“The Disposition Inquiry allows the salvage provider to inquire the salvor on the disposition status and receive all the disposition status notes from the salvor on the response,” said Reed. “This is beneficial because some salvage providers do not save message updates to their systems; this allows them to see all the messages from the salvor.”

A Q&A session will follow the CIECAST webinar presentation.

CIECA said attendees can earn Automotive Management Institute (AMi) credit toward an industry-recognised, professional designation and specialty degree by attending this webinar.

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