Top Brands Exhibit At 2017 Collision Repair Expo

Leading automotive body finishing materials, crash repair equipment, diagnostic and software brands from Australia and across the world have booked exhibition space at the 2017 Australian Collision Repair Expo to be held from 6 to 8 April, 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers of everything required in an automotive panel repair workshop will be on display at the Expo hosted by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA). The theme for the 2017 Expo is Give your business a crash course – a timely topic in this period of change and challenge in the automotive industry.

AAAA Executive Director Stuart Charity said technology will be an important focus of this Expo. “With today’s vehicles virtual computers on wheels, workshops depend increasingly on high technology tools and equipment to repair and enhance these sophisticated vehicles,” he said.

“At the 2017 Expo, we will highlight those rapidly developing technologies with 50-plus exhibitors’ product displays, an educational seminar program run over two days to allow visitors to pick the sessions that best meet their needs, and a range of networking opportunities. In addition to all the best paint and body finishing brands, the list of exhibitors for 2017 includes companies that work at the leading edge of crash repair consumables, equipment and tools. The leading edge products and services offered by these exhibitors are necessary to keep workshops in business in the future.

“Visiting the Expo provides workshop owners, managers and technicians the opportunity to view a wide range of solutions in one location. You can talk to the suppliers and compare their products and services right there and then. Your Expo visit will save time, help you research your needs in a convenient environment, and enable you to make decisions about which brands will work best for your business. A visit to the Collision Repair Expo website provides the A to Z list of industry suppliers that will be exhibiting at the 2017 Expo,” said Stuart Charity.

Expo presents “you have to be there” seminar program

As technology becomes a greater influence on collision repairers’ business models, Expo organisers have increased the focus on providing educational opportunities. Seminars at the Expo are free and will be held on Friday 7 April and Saturday 8 April. Pre-registration is required to help plan seating requirements.

Expo Seminar Coordinator Colin Bockman said the industry has asked for top international and local presenters to share their insight. “That is what we are working to deliver,” he said. â€œThe seminars will deliver awareness on the latest trends in line with how the Australian and New Zealand collision repair industries are being affected by technology advancements, commercial factors and other issues. For example, one seminar topic description reads: ‘if you need to know the real truth about consolidation, technology, the skills shortage and the risk of reduced claims, then this is the Seminar to attend’.

“The person who will deliver this seminar said he expects this session to be a myth buster regarding what are perceived to be the collision repair business owners’ worst fears. Information presented in the 2017 seminar sessions will help collision repair businesses plan their future with greater certainty. You will hear from Industry leaders who are in touch with the real world challenges.

“Expo visitors will walk out of these seminars feeling like they had to be there because the information went beyond commentary and delivered insights of real value to them. That is our litmus test,” said Colin Bockman.

The theme for the 2017 Collision Repair Expo is “Give your business a crash course” – a timely topic in this period of change and challenge in the automotive industry.