Nothing Gets Through The Dominator

They say it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. Bad news for the other dogs, Dominator has both. The urethane based Dominator Tray and Body Liner features superior coverage, outstanding chalking resistance and easy application with a tintable formula option. Dominator sets a new standard in resin technology for unmatched toughness, solvent resistance and durability.

Dominator Features
No measuring necessary

The Dominator mixing process involves simply mixing part A with part B. As no measuring is required, the process saves time and reduces potential for mistakes.

Excellent UV durability

In a 1000 hour UV lab test, Dominator out performed other products on the market by retaining its rich deep colour whilst the others started to noticeably chalk and fade.

Excellent colour match on tintable product

Dominator is closer to the solid colour OEM finish colour match than other competitors in the market with only 10 pre cent tintload.

Superior gloss

Dominator has noticeably higher gloss which helps to make the finish closer to the sheen of the OEM finish especially on the tintable version. In a 1000 hour UV lab test the leading market competitor lost 38 per cent of its gloss while Dominator only lost one per cent. So not only does Dominator start with more gloss, it also continues to look better for longer.

High solvent resistance

No need to worry about leaks while hauling! Dominator is resistant to a wide range of common solvents and chemicals ensuring a long lasting durable finish.

Textured high build finish

Dominator’s textured high build finish gives you the highest level of protection, yet with still excellent coverage rates. The textured finish not only looks good but hides minor surface imperfections. One kit will cover a standard ute tray (approx. 6.5m2).

Long pot life

Dominator has a 45 minute pot life (working time) which allows for time for touch-ups, which are sometimes necessary. For more information on Dominator, speak with your local Valspar Automotive distributor or contact Valspar Automotive on (02) 4368 4054.