July 2021 CIECAST Webinar Focuses On Technology And Gaming In Training

July 2021 CIECAST Webinar Focuses On Technology And Gaming In Training-Jeff Peevy

The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association’s (CIECA) next CIECAST webinar, titled ‘Technology’s Impact on Future Training; Welcome to the Gamer Culture’, is scheduled for 22 July 2021 at 1 PM USA CST.

The webinar will feature Jeff Peevy, Vice President Technical Products, Programs & Services at I-CAR in the USA. CIECA says that during the one-hour live broadcast, Peevy will share information about the training curriculum that is relevant to all industry segments heading into the future. This includes the impact of technology and gaming.

“World-class training goes way beyond conveying technical accuracy and precision of repair,” said Peevy. “It’s about understanding and appreciating the needs of all training audiences, including how individuals consume information, and constantly adjusting curriculum to reflect these changing needs.”

Peevy said that the impact of technology and gaming cannot be underestimated.

“To not recognise the tremendous influences of these trends and how they translate into future learning opportunities would be a misstep for all,” he said.

Webinar topics will include:

  • The influence of artificial intelligence and gaming on the future of training
  • How I-CAR’s Technical Operations are recalibrating its research and development area to include state-of-the-art resources for all industry segments
  • Updates on inter-industry involvement for curriculum development
  • Previews of new ways I-CAR’s technical experts are sharing information to benefit the industry

A question-and-answer session will follow the presentation.

All industry segments, including CIECA members and non-members, are invited to attend. CIECA says attendees can earn Automotive Management Institute (AMi) credit toward an industry-recognised, professional designation and specialty degree by attending this webinar.

CIECA says Peevy spearheads the strategic development and growth of all I-CAR curriculum and technical relations efforts while leveraging his more than 20 years of executive management experience in the industry. Prior to re-joining I-CAR in 2020, Peevy served as president of the Automotive Management Institute (AMI) since 2015 and as the 2019-2020 chairman of the Collision Industry Conference (CIC). He also shares a long and successful history with I-CAR, where he served as Senior Director of Field Operations and led I-CAR’s collision repair segment team before his AMI post.