Hyundai Rolls Out New Lifetime Capped Price Servicing Program

Hyundai Motor Company Australia announced a revolutionary new Lifetime Capped Price Servicing program. The program caps the prices of all scheduled services for the entire life of every Hyundai vehicle in Australia and came into effect from Monday September 1.

Hyundai’s Roadside Assist service has also been extended from seven to ten years as part of Lifetime Capped Price Servicing.

Renowned for its market-leading five-year new vehicle warranty as part of iCare – Australia’s most comprehensive customer care program – Hyundai has again applied innovative and customer-focused thinking to the aftersales arena.

“Pricing transparency for all scheduled services is something our customers say they want,” said Hyundai Motor Company Australia Chief Operating Officer, John Elsworth. “We hope our Lifetime Capped Price Servicing program will give customers even more peace of mind and confidence in our aftersales service going forward.”

How it Works

Hyundai’s Lifetime Capped Price Servicing scheme applies to all Hyundais sold in Australia since the brand launched in 1986.

All vehicles – cars, SUVs and light commercials – now become eligible.

Any vehicle that was previously part of Hyundai’s three-year capped price service arrangement will remain with that program, at no cost penalty to the customer. Once their three years are over they will be able to take advantage of the lifetime capped price program.

No matter what the age of the vehicle, or the kilometres it has covered, it will be a simple matter for customers to look up the maximum price they will pay for a scheduled service at a participating dealer. That published maximum price will be the same across the country.

“What we’ve delivered with Lifetime Capped Price Servicing is a program that offers transparent servicing prices,” said John Elsworth.

Online Booking

Lifetime Capped Price Servicing is integrated with a new online booking system which will be rolled out across Hyundai dealers in the coming months.

Using an innovative dealer-specific website, customers will be able to choose a service time to best suit their own diaries, book a replacement car and even choose their preferred service advisor. The system guides customers through the process in simple steps and is clear, quick and comprehensive.

“We’re proud of our new booking system and it is a key step toward making Hyundai Australia’s best-loved car company,” said John Elsworth. “We want to make Hyundai and Hyundai dealerships as easy as possible to do business with, and make vehicle servicing a straightforward and simple process.”

“Ultimately, servicing any car is an inconvenience – there’s no getting away from that. But with capped service prices for life, which are transparent and easy to see, and a new online service booking system, we hope to reduce that inconvenience as much as possible.”