XFORCE Unveils New VF Exhaust

The Holden V8 Commodores have always been among Australia’s most favourite performance vehicles to modify, and with the recent launch of the highly anticipated VF Commodore, leading performance exhaust manufacturer XFORCE has designed a customised aftermarket twin exhaust system designed to increase performance and unleash the true V8 roar of the new VF V8 models at an affordable price.

The XFORCE VF exhaust system will retail from $2500 RRP and is available in both mild and stainless steel options, with three different header size options and two cat-back pipe size variations. All XFORCE VF performance exhaust systems come with 100 cell metallic high flow racing cats for maximum performance.

The new VF exhaust system offers three header pipe sizes of 1”5/8, 1”3/4 and 1”7/8, providing different customisable options for different needs. 1”5/8 is the best choice for low and medium range performance with more torque on the bottom, 1”3/4 is ideal for higher end performance without losing low end torque, and 1”7/8 is designed specifically for high performance modified, supercharged vehicles.

The two cat-back pipe sizes of 2”1/2 and 3” provide further customisation options for the new VF exhaust system, depending on desired sound and performance gains. 2”1/2 is designed for a lower sound level with mid performance gains, while 3” is designed to unleash the full V8 roar and performance potential of the VF’s 6.0L V8 engine.

XFORCE’s signature Varex remote control mufflers are also available for the new VF exhaust for both cat-back pipe size options retailing for an additional $550 RRP. Varex allows owners to use an in-cabin wireless remote to control a butterfly valve mechanism in the mufflers to redirect the exhaust gas flow and influence the sound levels and “note” of the exhaust. Switching between sports mode and silent mode, with various points in between, Varex allows owners to go from full, maximum volume exhaust levels in sports mode, to sound volumes at close to stock levels with the silent mode.

“Our VE Commodore exhausts were among of our top selling systems, so we have maintained the sound and performance of our VE system that our customers know and love, but reengineered certain elements like the headers to fit the changes to the underbody of the new model,” said XFORCE Sales and Marketing Manager Tom Wallace.

“The performance gains of our new VF systems are similar to the gains we achieved with our VE systems, about 20-25 kW at the wheel, which equates to about a 10-15% gain in power. VAREX is also a great option for VF owners who want to enjoy the quiet, refined interior of the new model, while being able to unleash that classic V8 roar with the push of a button.”

A special XFORCE race configuration performance exhaust is available for the VF Commodore Ute, designed with the same technology used to create the custom XFORCE exhaust systems currently used in all 16 Holden VE SS race Utes in the Australian V8 Ute Racing Series. This VF race Ute exhaust package replicates the unique exhaust note and massive volume levels of the official V8 race utes for the street. XFORCE are able to provide this unique system as the Official Exhaust and Header Supplier for the Australian V8 Ute Racing Series.

XFORCE performance exhaust systems are available for all VF Commodore sedan, Sportwagon and Ute models. XFORCE are currently developing systems for the next generation HSV models, which will be announced soon.

To find out more information about XFORCE’s new VF performance exhaust systems visit www.xforce.com.au