WorldSkills Australia Offers Students Opportunity To Experience Trades

The WorldSkills Australia National Championships to be held in Perth next week will host Try’ASkill areas, where attendees can try their hand at 20 different skills across a wide range of industries.

Vehicle spray painting will be among the featured trades, with attendees able to sample the TradieBot Virtual Simulator. A pair of VR goggles allows participants to ‘spray’ a vehicle, with the team from Axalta on hand to provide help and guidance.

WorldSkills is also highlighting the national shortage of more than 1600 vehicle spray painters, adding that the automotive body, paint, and interior repair industry is expanding.

“The automotive body, paint and interior repair industry is a growing industry, showing 2.5 per cent growth in recent years. Technology will continue to drive the industry, with a focus on connected vehicles and electric and hydrogen technologies,” WorldSkills said.

Attendees can also try their hand at VR welding, with Lincoln Electric representatives available to talk about opportunities a trade in welding can lead to.

“From a realistic welding puddle to accurate sounds and movements, what can be learned virtually with a VRTEX 360 welding simulator seamlessly transfers into the real world allowing you to train up to 42 per cent faster,” WorldSkills said. “It is eco-friendly, minimising material waste and the VRTEX environmental footprint makes it safer with no metal, sparks, heat, gas or fumes.”

The WorldSkills Australia National Championships will take place at the Perth Convention and Entertainment Centre from 26 to 28 August 2021.