With Business Booming, Fix Auto Morley Expands

With Business Booming, Fix Auto Morley Expands

Fix Auto Australia has welcomed the expansion of its franchise partner, Fix Auto Morley in Western Australia, into larger premises.

Travis Arnold, Director of Fix Auto Morley, said that since joining the franchise almost five years ago, he has seen strong and steady growth in the business.

“During 2020 it became clear that if we wanted to continue to deliver the same outstanding levels of customer service, quality, and output, we needed to grow our footprint,” he said.

“The challenge for us was that we are committed to serving our local marketplace and knew that moving out of area was not an option. When the chance came to move into this building just metres from our existing facility, with the added advantage of main street presence and high visibility, it was too good an opportunity to miss.”

The business has moved its administration and customer waiting area into the new building, along with vehicle inspection, estimating and handover, creating an all-in-one dedicated facility.

“This has freed up significant space in our existing building to increase production space and keep up with our growing volumes,” added Arnold.

Stuart Faid, Vice President Asia, Australia and New Zealand at Fix Auto Australia, said Arnold is extremely passionate about his business, his people and his customers.

“This growth is a testament to the service he provides,” Faid said. “This expansion is as much a reward for his efforts and a foundation for continued success.

“Nothing gives us greater pleasure than our partners growing with us and we look forward to continuing to serve Travis and the whole team at Morley in this next exciting phase of their journey.”