Welding Safety With Sperian Protection

Whether welding or grinding, it is important welders wear appropriate head and facial protective equipment advises Sperian Protection, the worldwide leader in personal protective equipment (PPE). With welding and grinding responsible for over 29 per cent of all eye injuries both at home and in the workplace, the use of suitable protective welding headwear is essential to minimise these preventable injuries. Offering welders the ultimate in face and head protection, the Sperian Protection range of high impact welding helmets and accessories protects welders against injuries like flash burns, UV / IR radiation as well as fine particles and vapours. Designed with a range of safety features including a sensor bar and slide, sensitivity function, delay function, shade level and girding mode, the Sperian range of welding helmets provide outstanding comfort and on-the-job performance for the professional welder. Engineered to meet the demands of professional welders, the Sperian Optrel ® Galaxy High Impact Welding Helmet is the only passive flip front, high impact approved welding helmet on the market. Rigorously tested to Australian Standards, the helmet is approved by SAI Global.

Providing welders with a complete safety solution, the Sperian Optrel ® Galaxy High Impact Welding Helmet now comes in a hard hat adaptor version to suit PA620V and

MSA V-Guard Elite hard hats, and provides maximum protection and comfort for the head without the need to switch helmets and hardhats. To eliminate the need for the welder to switch from a welding helmet to a visor when grinding, the Sperian Optrel ® Galaxy High Impact Welding Helmet features a passive Shade 10 welding filter in a flip up adaptor. Approved to High Impact AS/NZS1337:1992 for increased safety during grinding and welding applications, the Sperian Optrel ® Galaxy High Impact Welding Helmet is Sperian protection at its best.

For further information on welding and grinding PPE and the Sperian Optrel ® Galaxy High Impact Welding Helmet, contact Sperian Protection on 1300 139 166 or visit www.sperian.com