Walcom Introduces 360 True Light For Spray Guns

Walcom’s new 360 True Light LED lamp fits directly onto spray guns to directly illuminate the surface to be painted. According to Walcom, the LEDs’ high-resolution colour rendering produces light as close as possible to sunlight, guaranteeing the best painting results in terms of base colour check, along with optimum lighting even in darker areas.

The light intensity can be altered according to operational needs, making it adaptable to any operating context.

The two supplied lenses allow painters to transform the light according to the task. One integrated transparent lens is used for the colour check phase, while the other opaque lens produces less reflective light for use during the spraying phase. A spare opaque lens is included, and additional lenses can be bought in packs of 10 pieces.

Power comes from a Li-ion battery that recharges in a few hours, providing up to two hours use at maximum power, while battery life can be extended by switching to 50 per cent power.

Weighing 148 grams, the 360 True Light also comes with four adapters, allowing it to fit most spray guns in the market.

For more information, contact your Walcom distributor or visit this page.