Volkswagen Approves Car-O-Liner CTR 9 Welder

Volkswagen Approves Car-O-Liner CTR 9 Welder

Car-O-Liner has received approval from Volkswagen for the Car-O-Liner fully automatic resistance spot welder, CTR 9 VAS 6755A.

“Volkswagen recognises that the high-performance CTR 9 VAS 6755A welder meets their requirements for high-quality repairs of their modern, technologically advanced vehicles,” said Jonny Jangdin, Product Manager at Car-O-Liner.

Car-O-Liner says to achieve this approval, the welder went through a series of dedicated tests performed by an independent third-party welding institute to ensure it met the high-quality requirements set by Volkswagen. In addition, it was determined that for Volkswagen, the VAS 6755A welder would be delivered with the special Volkswagen 16A welding cap and Volkswagen-specific software, along with a new shelf and clip kit plus dust cover, all as standard equipment.

According to Car-O-Liner, the “intuitive and easy-to-use” exclusive control panel with 7-inch colour display, which is equipped with VW-approved software, automatically establishes required settings to ensure the proper weld nugget. The advanced quality control system monitors and adjusts the welder to guarantee the total energy input. A built-in USB port allows the welder to easily be upgraded to any new VW welding standards.

For more information on the CTR 9 VAS 6755A resistance spot welder, visit this webpage.