VeriFacts Automotive Hosts 11th Symposium

The 11th VeriFacts Symposium was held last month, focusing on the future of the collision repair industry, the coming impact of advanced repair requirements, converging technology, and commitment to providing the safest and most cost-effective collision repair for consumers.

The symposium featured two days of discussion on the changes ahead for the collision repair industry, collaborative solution development, exhibitor clinics and keynote speakers.

“We are sailing in changing seas,” said Farzam Afshar, CEO of VeriFacts Automotive. “The OEMs and insurers are partnering on insurance policies embedded in the car purchase/lease, consolidation is continuing, OEM certification is starting to replace DRPs, and we are shifting from the first notice of loss to the first notice of need, thanks to advanced technology.”

The three key topics that presentations and panellists focused on were:

  • Repair Process and Standards – how the collision repair industry addresses them today and prepares for changing repair processes tomorrow
  • Converging Technology – how all of the advanced technology from artificial intelligence (AI) to augmented reality, robotics, blockchain, quantum computing and more will converge, impacting all areas of the industry
  • Industry Consolidation and Collaboration – how consolidation of insurers, OEMs and collision repair shops will continue to drive change, and how new collaborations, like joint insurance/OEM offerings, will create new opportunities

“The 2020 VeriFacts Symposium was an exclusive gathering of the premier collision repair industry leaders for two days to gain clarity on how we can collectively deliver the highest quality, safest, cost-effective collision repair for consumers throughout the country,” said Afshar. “The VeriFacts Symposium is a safe place for like-minded colleagues to discuss the changes ahead for the collision repair industry. Looking ahead, we are collectively working to chart the course for success and navigate the future of collision repair together.”