VACC Welcomes Members To New Head Office

VACC Welcomes Members To New Head Office

The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has conducted a member open night to celebrate the commissioning of the new VACC House in North Melbourne.

The event, hosted by VACC ambassador Shane Jacobson and featuring special guest Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of Melbourne, followed the building’s formal opening by then-Prime Minister Scott Morrison in April 2022.

Also appearing were car designer Adam Dean Smith, and clay modeller Peter Watson who has worked with Porsche, Bentley, BMW, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, and HSV, and currently freelances to companies such as Ford Australia. Watched on by the crowd of VACC members and special guests, Dean Smith designed a futuristic interpretation of an HJ Holden Sandman ute using CAD, which Watson then created in miniature clay model form.

“I am stoked that the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce – VACC – has moved to the City of Melbourne. Thank you, absolutely brilliant,” Capp told the crowd. “VACC has a very significant history in the automotive sector, more than 100 years of contributing to the sustainability, to the skills and talents, and to the advocacy and the overall prosperity of this sector. VACC has also been incredibly important to the City of Melbourne over those years, continually reminding us of the issues and challenges you face, of the opportunities that you represent and ensuring that we’re doing our best to support and facilitate your businesses in your sector.”

According to Capp, the move to a part of Melbourne undergoing major redevelopment reflects the VACC’s forward thinking approach and willingness to move with the times. “I think that’s represented in this fantastic building that goes to a focus on design, a focus on making sure there are premises that can deliver member services, and a building that really represents the ambition of the automotive sector with a sense of looking into the future.

“We have come out of the pandemic where we made more bold big decisions than ever before and that certainly what’s represented in the decision you’ve made to come into the city of Melbourne, to North Melbourne particularly. On behalf of the City of Melbourne, I am here to say congratulations to VACC and to all of you as members for the work that you do and for the decision that you made. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you even closer now that you are part of the City of Melbourne,” Capp said.

VACC President Mark Awramenko said the new VACC House “sets the tone” for the industry it represents. “The cutting-edge, five-star, green rated, architecturally significant building is a showcase for what automotive is now and what it will remain: modern and future focused. Now we are set for the years ahead. VACC wants to play its part in helping the city and the rest of the state regain its vitality,” Awramenko said.