VACC Updates Name To Better Reflect Its Membership

VACC Updates Name To Better Reflect Its Membership

For more than 100 years, “VACC” has been an abbreviation for the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce, but the organisation has now altered the name to “better reflect a modern automotive industry” following member input – it now stands for the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce.

“VACC was founded in 1918 by a collective of car dealers,” said Geoff Gwilym, CEO of the VACC. “Our name has served us very well for more than a century but now, with VACC about to move into a new building, and with a board fully focussed on the next 100 years, the time is right for us to change our name to the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce.”

The VACC represents various automotive industry sectors in Victoria and Tasmania, including body repairers, mechanical repairers, vehicle restorers, electricians, vehicle dealers, engineering specialists in the heavy vehicle sector, recyclers and tyre dealers.

“The change of name to Automotive better embodies the many sectors of the industry and reflects a more contemporary member organisation,” added Gwilym.

“The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce is future-focused and ready to represent all its members for the next 100 years.”