VACC Launches Skills Acquisition Campaign

The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has launched a marketing campaign to tackle the automotive industry’s critical labour crisis.

The ‘AutoCareers’ campaign includes television advertising featuring ‘Bob’, ‘Bec’,’ ‘Sharn’, and ‘Jake’ who represent various trades within the industry, along with extensive social media promotion, editorials, and interviews. A new AutoCareers website will support the advertising.

The project encompasses a range of initiatives to thrust automotive careers in front of young people, prospective apprentices, and their influencers, parents, teachers, and skilled workers looking for a career change.

“Australia’s automotive industry currently has 38,000 unfilled job vacancies,” said Geoff Gwilym, CEO of the VACC. This situation cripples business owners who cannot meet market demand, which then impacts consumers. So, we are doing something about it.

“Labour and retaining staff are the big issues in automotive right now, so VACC has designed a marketing campaign to address the skills concern from a number of angles, including the launch of an AutoCareers television campaign and a new website designed to connect job seekers with business owners wanting labour.

“VACC members told us skills and labour were the top priorities this year. VACC has reacted and invested heavily in the AutoCareers campaign,” Gwilym added. “Those wanting labour and those seeking jobs now have a place to ‘meet’, so we encourage all parties to connect and help solve the automotive industry labour crisis.”