VACC Elects New Board And President

Members of the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) and its Tasmanian arm, TACC, have a new board headed by a new president.

At the Annual General Meeting, held at VACC House in North Melbourne on 23 November, the members elected nine peers to represent them for the next two years.

The VACC Executive Board now comprises directors Chris Hummer, Mark Awramenko, Paul Bertoli, Michael Grubb, Craig Beruldsen, Trevor Parkes, Sid Centindag, Paul Hopper, and Matt Jones.

The new board elected Chris Hummer as President.

Paul Bertoli will act as Vice President, Craig Beruldsen as Secretary, and Mark Awramenko will remain as Immediate Past-President.

Returning board members also include Michael Grubb and Trevor Parkes, with outgoing members Fury Bortolotto, Tony Sanchez, and John Buskes.

“On behalf of the entire membership, I congratulate the VACC Executive Board directors who will lead the association for the following two years. I look forward to working with them all,” said Hummer.

“We have three new directors and their contribution will inject fresh ideas, different skill sets, and renewed enthusiasm into the Executive Board.

“I acknowledge the three outgoing board members, Fury Bortolotto, Tony Sanchez, and John Buskes who have, for many years, represented the interests of all members without fear or favour,” said Hummer. As presidents and board members, they have provided wise counsel and a steady hand that has seen VACC enter a new period of growth, prosperity, and influence.”