U-POL Compound & Polish Intro Pack

U-POL has announced the launch of a special Compound & Polish Intro Pack. The four liquid products within its new-technology compound and polish range have been united into a convenient kit-size, full-colour printed box.
Included in this new kit are a one litre bottle each of U-POL 333 Liquid Cutting Compound, 334 Fine Finishing Compound, 335 High Gloss Final Glaze and 336 Ultra Gloss Wax Protector products.
This is a great “starter kit” to trial this range and is very cost effective. The intro-pack is 33 per cent cheaper than buying the products individually.
Ask your U-POL distributor for details, or contact Damian Cappelluti at U-POL on Tel: 0400 366 483.
Full product data is available at www.u-pol.com