Training Provider AAMC Launches Motor Assessor Training Program

AAMC, a provider of specialist assessing and accident management services to Australia’s motor insurance sector, has launched a motor assessor training programme designed to broaden entry opportunities for anyone with a good knowledge of motor vehicle repair wishing to become a motor assessor.

The organisation said it will offer a unique combination of hands-on experience and structured learning to help shape a new generation of skilled experts.

According to AAMC, the comprehensive and subsidised two-year programme will cover all aspects of insurance motor loss assessing and upon successful completion, participants will earn a Cert IV qualification in Vehicle Loss Assessing. This approach will enable not only panel technicians but personnel from associated sectors such as motor service technicians and managers, spray painters, automotive electricians and others to broaden the source pool.

“Experienced motor vehicle assessors are an ever-diminishing resource with both insurers and independent companies like AAMC requiring constant replenishment as experienced assessors retire, leave the sector or gain promotion to management or leadership roles,” said Luke Hill, National Operations Manager at AAMC.

“AAMC is committed to nurturing talent and establishing future generations of skilled technical specialists. Our programme represents an investment into the future, ensuring our business continues to support our clients, which represent Australia’s most prominent motor insurers.”

Click here to apply for the AAMC Motor Assessor Training Program, and learn more about it here.

AAMC said it provides a broad range of specialist motor assessing and accident management services, nationwide. The organisation described itself as the largest and most experienced provider of its type, adding that it has delivered specialist services to the majority of Australian vehicle insurers for more than 20 years.