Tradiebot America Subsidiary Established

Tradiebot Sets Up In America - Mario Dimovski

Tradiebot Industries has announced the establishment of its USA trading arm, Tradiebot Inc, with support from its legal partner in America, Polsinelli and the newly formed executive team consisting of Beth Rutter and Michael LoPrete.

Tradiebot says the move will allow for a number of high-profile collaborations with industry, training bodies and associations with a strong focus on digital training, augmented information platforms and virtual technology environments that target the current and future workforce across the collision repair industry and its many stakeholders.

“What a proud moment to see the Tradiebot brand grow and establish within the USA, providing the opportunity to plan the rollout of a number of exciting partnerships with some of the industry’s leading brands in the collision repair and training space,” said Mario Dimovski, founder and CEO of Tradiebot.

“We have seen a significant amount of interest toward the Tradiebot brand and our various offerings coming from both the USA and Europe. Over the years I have made several trips to the USA and have been planning our expansion for some time. We anticipate solid growth over the next 18 months as we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis and plan the best pathways for our virtual technologies and digital training platforms. A very exciting achievement for all involved in our group of companies.”

Tradiebot says it hasn’t determined a registered address within the USA yet, although a number of solid relationships have been formed with key industry partners that it will monitor prior to confirming its headquarters in America.