Tradiebot Promotes Dr Nikola Rendevski To CEO, Replaces Mario Dimovski

Tradiebot Promotes Dr Nikola Rendevski To CEO, Replaces Mario Dimovski

Technology company Tradiebot Industries has announced the appointment of Dr Nikola Rendevski as CEO of the company.

Dr Rendevski has been with the company since its founding and, as Director of EU Operations and Chief Information Officer, played an important role in its management. He replaces Mario Dimovski, who has moved to North America to focus on expanding the company’s business there.

“We are very excited by the appointment of Dr Rendevski to take over my duties as the lead role in the company,” said Dimovski. “His experience and exemplary record of hard work and dedication to the Tradiebot Industries team has revealed new and exciting opportunities to achieve our driving initiative, which is to become a leading provider of [virtual reality and augmented reality] immersive training solutions.

“Led by Dr Rendevski, I strongly believe that our Tradiebot Industries team will be instrumental in creating the next generation [of] global standards in AR/VR training and immersive environment assessment.”

According to Tradiebot, Dr Rendevski has made a significant contribution to the growth of the company in the last four years, leading the development of innovative solutions in the areas of AR, VR, web development and mobile development.

“Mario has positioned Tradiebot Industries as a cutting-edge, immersive solutions company whose brand is now recognised worldwide,” said Dr Rendevski. “We are part of the AR and VR training of many Fortune 500 companies and the interest for our solutions is growing exponentially. I see this opportunity as my highest career achievement, but also the most exciting challenge I have ever had.

“We are developing amazing, game-changing immersive solutions that will appear on the market very soon. I am happy and proud of my team – we are growing together, building a unique working culture and achieving world-leading technical skills in this space. We share a common vision – to establish novel immersive training standards that we believe will change the way we use AR and VR.”

Dr Rendevski received a BSc, MSc and PhD in electrical engineering and computer science in 2005, 2010 and 2015 respectively, with Tradiebot adding that his main research and development interests are next-generation networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G-enabled digital transformation technologies. He has almost 20 years of experience in the ICT field serving as a developer, professor, consultant and expert internationally. Currently, his focus is on AR, VR and their integration in various environments such as information, assistance and skills delivery technologies.