Tradiebot Launches WorxAR Software Package

Tradiebot Industries officially launched its augmented reality (AR) software application WorxAR at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo in Melbourne. The company said WorxAR will allow latest release information to be delivered to users at the touch of their fingertips via smart devices such as phones and tablets like never before.

According to a video sample Tradiebot posted on YouTube, WorxAR should allow workers to view a vehicle through a viewscreen, with an information overlay appearing on the screen to provide the user with information on parts in that vehicle. The software also enables workers to dismantle and repair a vehicle while following real-time instructions delivered to the screen by the software.

Tradiebot says AR is currently making a big impact with industrial applications, allowing technicians to perform service and repairs by accessing the latest digital repair processes and service manuals. The technology is also being used for training.

“The response by people attending the expo and witnessing the technology first hand was one of excitement and amazement that such a digital tool was now available,” said Mario Dimovski, founder of Tradiebot. “Having such technology on offer will be a game changer. Context relevant information can now be delivered in an on-the-job interactive way that is so intuitive and effortless for end users to assist in repairs, service, maintenance and training. This digital tool is also the perfect catalyst to help attract a new breed of apprentices to the trade that might be looking for a more tech-focused career combined with hands-on skills.”

“This is the next evolution in how information is offered and a real boost to our industry that is struggling to maintain an upskilled workforce,” said Kevin Woolerton, Director of Marketing at PPG who attended the expo and experienced WorxAR firsthand. “This technology will allow the upskilling of future technicians whilst also providing knowledge to technicians in digital format.”

Tradiebot says it has started fielding expressions of interest from a broad range of potential automotive customers from across the world that could utilise the software technology for their own products and services. The company says the profile of users is “extremely broad”, covering OEM, training providers, machinery manufacturers and equipment manufacturers from around the world, who could convert their current paper-based manuals and processes into a digital interactive platform.

The WorxAR video sample can be found here: