Toyota Employs Cythero VR Simulators to Develop Painting Skills

Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Indiana, USA (TMMI), is using virtual reality (VR) to develop early learning skills for trainee spray painters with its training facility equipped with multiple Cythero SprayVerse VR spray painting simulators. While VR is often associated with young people, Cythero said the system has been used with students of age as high as 67.

“The interest in VR training from forward-thinking companies and modern training organisations in the automotive and trade sector is growing fast,” said Nikola Rendevski, CEO of Cythero. “Toyota is paving the way they deliver their training process via the SprayVerse VR consoles, with several other VR applications to follow as we expand our partnership with the Toyota brand.”

Cythero said it provides customers with an integrated virtual reality solution which connects users in collaborative virtual environments, suitable for the ‘metaverse future’. “This evolution has allowed our business to grow and expand at both our Chicago, USA headquarters and the Innovation & Talent Development Facility in Bitola, North Macedonia,” Cythero said.

In October 2022, the company will launch the next-generation SprayVerse – a standalone VR spray painting solution capable of delivering training solely on a Meta Quest headset, which removes the need of expensive, high-performance PCs.

“This version will come in the most compact size carry hard case and be priced a third less to that of the current VR spray painting training product,” Cythero said. “The new offering will be more affordable to educators, vehicle manufacturers, collision groups and training bodies.”