Tesla Brings Collision Repair In-House In North America

Tesla Brings Collision Repair In-House In North America

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has informed its North American customers that its service centres now offer collision repair services.

The company alerted its customers to the news using its smartphone app, directing them to a news page using a push notification.

“Fix minor dents, scuffs, scratches and more now at your local Tesla Service Center as an alternative option to a body shop,” the page said. “Our optimised repair flow enables a fast and seamless experience when you need it most.

Collision repair services may include suspension and axle damage, front and rear bumpers, hoods, liftgates and side mirror caps, along with doors, wheels and all glass repairs.

To schedule an appointment select “Collision & Glass Repair” from the Service menu in your Tesla app and track your service experience with step-by-step notifications.”

According to CNBC, Jerome Guillen, President of Automotive at Tesla, said that while the company is aiming to open another 46 service centres to complement the 140 existing ones in North America, it is also working hard to ensure its customers never have to visit one.

“For us, best service is no service,” Guillen said in the company’s Q4 2020 earnings call. “So we spent a lot of efforts trying to improve the quality and the reliability of our cars. In the last two years, the frequency of service visits are reduced by one-third, so customers have to come less frequently into service, which is really the goal – no service.”

Guillen also emphasised the company’s “mobile service” offering, where a technician will visit a customer to perform service and repairs that can be done outside a service centre.

In any case, Tesla only appears to have sent notifications about the development to its North American customers, with no word at this stage on whether other countries will also get the in-house collision repair service.