I-CAR Awards Gold Class To Graham Bodyworks

I-CAR has announced that Graham Bodyworks in Greensborough, Victoria, has achieved I-CAR Gold Class status.

“I am very proud of our second Graham Bodyworks site achieving Gold Class accreditation, and the commitment of our staff in embracing training,” said Glenn Chesser, Managing Director of Graham Bodyworks. “The ongoing training will be invaluable to enable our team to stay up to date with the latest motor vehicle technology. We thank I-CAR Australia for their ongoing support and look forward to working with their team in the future to ensure we remain at the highest level in the collision repair sector.”

“This is a fantastic achievement by Graham Bodyworks,” said Gary Wood, Gold Class Coordinator at I-CAR Australia. “Having both their Eltham and Greensborough sites achieve I-CAR Gold Class in less than two years, is a demonstration of their commitment to developing their staff members knowledge and skills.

“Graham Bodyworks have blended their I-CAR training with training available from our ITA partners, Car-O-Liner and AkzoNobel. This has enabled them to complete a comprehensive training plan that has benefitted all individuals in the business within their specific roles. Congratulations to everyone involved.”

I-CAR Gold Class Awarded To Cooroy Smash Repairs

I-CAR has announced that Cooroy Smash Repairs in Cooroy, Queensland, has achieved I-CAR Gold Class status.

“The team at Cooroy have been regular participants in I-CAR training for a number of years,” said Gary Wood, Gold Class Coordinator at I-CAR Australia. “They have a fantastic attitude towards training, resulting in five members of staff now holding the Platinum Individual status. All panel staff have also completed the steel welding certification as well as having completed numerous role-relevant virtual courses. The business has worked closely with PPG to schedule product specific training for all their refinish staff, recognised by I-CAR through the Industry Training Alliance. It’s a great achievement by all involved. Well done.”

“At Cooroy Smash Repairs we are proud to be the first motor vehicle repairer on the Sunshine Coast to achieve I-CAR Gold Class status,” said Tom Lehmann, owner of Cooroy Smash Repairs. “We are a medium sized family business situated in the hinterland of Noosa. With so much of our work being from insurance companies, we find it so important to keep our staff up-to-date with the latest processes and technology.

“The I-CAR programme makes it easy for us to do this. Their sessions are easy to follow and user friendly for all our staff. We are so proud of all our staff putting in their time and effort to achieve this.”

Camden Crash & Restorations Awarded I-CAR Gold Class

I-CAR Australia has announced that Camden Crash & Restorations in Smeaton Grange, New South Wales, has received I-CAR Gold Class status.

“Camden Crash & Restorations are very proud to have achieved the I-CAR Gold Class accreditation,” said Jason Spiteri, Business Manager at Camden Crash & Restorations. “Our team have worked very hard and have found the programme to be very interesting. Combined with our experience in the industry and ongoing training, our team will now be equipped and have the skills to keep up-to-date with the motor vehicle repairs to manufacturer standards. We would like to thank I-CAR Australia and their team for making the training programme.”

“Jason and the team at Camden Crash & Restorations contacted us at the beginning of 2019 to express their interest in joining the Road to Gold programme,” said Gary Wood, Gold Class Coordinator at I-CAR Australia. “After developing a training programme for them, they have been regular participants in online virtual training and have had all their panel staff successfully complete the I-CAR Welding Certification, which is a great achievement.

“Jason worked closely with Glasurit, a member of the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance, to arrange product specific training for their refinish staff which contributed towards their training programme. It has been a great effort by everyone concerned, highlighted by five staff members now holding Platinum Individual status. Well done from everyone at I-CAR.”

Geoff Richards Panel Beating Receives I-CAR Gold Class

I-CAR Australia has announced that Geoff Richards Panel Beating in Dubbo, New South Wales, has achieved I-CAR Gold Class status.

“We pride ourselves on being the panel industry leader in the region and continue to raise the bar and be the first in many areas,” said Tracey Richards, joint owner of Geoff Richards Panel Beating. “In 2018 we were awarded the MTA Green Stamp Accreditation for our environmental management and we are now thrilled to be awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

“Irrespective of being located in the country, we want all 19 of our staff to have the opportunity to be their best and have access to the best training available worldwide, which is why we joined I-CAR. As a business, I-CAR Gold Class Collision status is not only a reflection of our monetary investment, but our staff’s personal commitment to completing over a thousand hours of training in their own time.

“The I-CAR team made the whole process seamless and are true professionals who genuinely care about the future of the panel industry.”

“It’s fantastic to see Geoff Richards Panel Beating achieve Gold Class status,” said Gary Wood, Gold Class Coordinator at I-CAR Australia. “Their attitude and dedication towards training since joining the programme has been first class. They have proven that location isn’t a barrier when it comes to professional development for their team, and participation in online virtual training allowed them to complete the role-relevant training required for the Gold Class accreditation. Geoff Richards [Panel Beating’s] commitment to ongoing training will ensure safety and quality for all their customers. Well done from everyone at I-CAR.”

I-CAR AU Indicates Policy Amid Coronavirus

I-CAR Australia has confirmed its position on its training programmes as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout Australia and globally.

The new policy was communicated in a letter personally addressed to I-CAR members by Mark Czvitkovits, CEO of I-CAR Australia.

According to the letter, all face-to-face training programmes have been postponed until further notice since yesterday. The programmes affected include welding certifications, live classroom and OEM specific training. Until the complete picture of the spread of this disease is fully understood, I-CAR said it will adhere to Australian government guidelines.

I-CAR said that no new events will be scheduled until the current situation is under control and the guidelines in place around the COVID-19 impact are reduced, but it will continue offering training courses in both the virtual and online training platforms to allow businesses to fulfill their training programme requirements, including attaining or renewing Gold Class or AMBRA accreditation.

To ensure ongoing training needs can be met, I-CAR will continually update and introduce more new online courses as well as rescheduling more virtual training dates so businesses are not unduly affected. There are over 35 virtual classroom programmes and more than 22 online programmes that allow for training when and where needed.

I-CAR Gold Class Awarded To Mangano Body Repairs

I-CAR Australia has announced that Mangano Body Repairs in Woolloongabba, Queensland, has achieved I-CAR Gold Class status.

“In recent years, Tony and the team have been regular participants in I-CAR training, the accreditation of Gold Class Collision Repairer highlights their commitment to knowledge and skills development, ensuring safety and quality on every repair,” said Gary Wood, I-CAR Australia Gold Class Coordinator. “As vehicle technology grows ever more complex, Mangano Body Repairs are well placed to deal with the challenges ahead. Well done to everyone involved.”

“Myself, and the team at Mangano Body Repairs are very proud to have achieved I-CAR Gold status,” said Tony Savva, Owner of Mangano Body Repairs. “I did my first I-CAR course in the USA 12 years ago, and it was then that I realised how much there was to learn. I would especially like to thank Gavin Armstrong for his non-stop support and help to achieve this goal. I would also like to thank Colleen and the girls in the office for helping us organise our training.

“I am very proud of the boys’ efforts and commitment to the training. It’s great to achieve this accreditation that helps us deliver high quality repairs and service to our customers.”

Peter Kittle Collision Awarded I-CAR Gold Class

I-CAR Australia has announced that Peter Kittle Collision Repair Centre in Para Hills, South Australia, has received I-CAR Gold Class status.

The company is South Australia’s only authorised Toyota Body & Paint Repairer and Holden approved repairer and is now the first repairer in the state to achieve Gold Class.

“The entire team’s attitude towards training and development is first class and adds to an amazing culture of continuous learning,” said Gary Wood, I-CAR Australia Gold Class Coordinator. “Chad and the team should be very proud of their achievements; it is extremely well done by all involved.”

“Reaching I-CAR Gold Class Status will help give our customers absolute confidence in knowing that our team is wholly committed to the safe and effective repair of their car,” said Chad Buckley, Peter Kittle Collision Repair Centre Collision Manager. “This will also benefit the Peter Kittle organisation by providing our business associates and insurers a highly qualified, knowledgeable and trustworthy partner to care for their assets.

“It is a fantastic accomplishment for Peter Kittle Collision to become the first repairer in South Australia to be awarded Gold Class accreditation. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. We now have an extremely talented line-up of staff and being a part of the programme over the last 12 months had a really positive impact on the business. Our team has been kept motivated by the opportunity to continually learn and improve their already highly polished skills. Peter Kittle Collision thanks I-CAR for their support and I especially thank my fantastic team for their hard work and passion to achieve.”

Boutique Auto Body Awarded I-CAR Gold Class

I-CAR Australia has announced that Boutique Auto Body in Keilor East, Victoria, has received I-CAR Gold Class status.

“The team at Boutique Auto Body are extremely proud of reaching I-CAR Gold Class accreditation and wish to thank all of the I-CAR team and trainers for offering such a great programme,” said Ross Spataro, Director of Boutique Auto Body. “We also wish to thank Holden for making this part of the programme for becoming a Holden Certified Collision Repairer.

“This achievement adds to our outstanding customer service whilst giving all our clients confidence their vehicles will be repaired to the highest possible safety standards using the latest technologies, equipment and OEM repair and refinishing methods, ensuring their vehicles are repaired within factory tolerances using only genuine parts and often forgotten post collision corrosion protection.”

“Boutique Auto Body entered the Road to Gold programme as part of the Holden Certified Collision Repairer requirements,” said Gary Wood, I-CAR Australia Gold Class Coordinator. “From day one, their attitude and commitment towards the training has been exceptional. Ross and the team are building a fantastic business at Boutique Auto Body and fully deserve the recognition of being a Gold Class repair facility.”

Exclusive Auto Centre Awarded I-CAR Gold Class

I-CAR Australia has announced that Exclusive Auto Centre in Newstead, Queensland, has received I-CAR Gold Class status.

“As a small workshop specialising in prestige vehicles, ongoing learning is the cornerstone of our business and we are proud to have achieved I-CAR accreditation,” said Nick Contarino, owner of Exclusive Auto Centre. “The automotive body repair industry is constantly evolving, and investing in our team in this way will ensure we are equipped to deliver the very best outcomes for our customers.

“Our team embraced the opportunity and found the range of courses available to be excellent, and we look forward to working and learning with I-CAR in the future.”

“Achieving I-CAR Gold Class status ensures Excusive Auto Centre can remain at the forefront of modern vehicle repair,” said Gary Wood, I-CAR Australia Gold Class Coordinator. “Their attitude and commitment towards the training programme has been exceptional and they fully deserve the Gold Class recognition.

“The Gold Class accreditation is recognition of the learning culture already in place at Exclusive Auto Centre. It will ensure the business continues to work to the highest standards.”

I-CAR Awards Gold Class To J&M Smash Repairs

I-CAR Australia has announced that J&M Smash Repairs in Malaga, Western Australia, has been awarded I-CAR Gold Class status.

“We at J&M Smash Repairs are proud to join such an elite group of repairers that have achieved the Gold Class Status,” said Johnny Zito, Assistant Manager/Estimator at J&M Smash Repairs. “I-CAR was able to deliver the highest level of training to all of our staff enabling them to strive and improve their expertise with keeping up-to-date with the latest technology in the constantly changing autobody repair industry, allowing our business to always function at a high standard.

“We are grateful to I-CAR for their ongoing support and we are committed to working with them in the future.”

“J&M Smash have been regular participants in I-CAR training for a number of years,” said Gary Wood, I-CAR Australia Gold Class Coordinator. “As part of the Holden requirements, they commenced a training program with us 12 months ago to achieve Gold Class status. It has been a fantastic effort by Johnny and the team, they fully deserve to be recognised as a Gold Class collision business.

“The Gold Class accreditation confirms their commitment to ongoing training and working to the highest standards.”