TAFE NSW Encouraging School Students To Consider Automotive

TAFE NSW Encouraging School Students To Consider Automotive

Forecasted growth in the Australian automotive industry over the next five years has prompted TAFE NSW to launch a programme encouraging female high school students to consider an automotive trade career.

Ten high schools across Sydney’s Macarthur region are participating in the Girls Can Too programme, which is part of the Youth Engagement Strategy at TAFE NSW Campbelltown. Participants will gain hands-on skills in automotive repair, paint and panel beating and hear from former female TAFE NSW students who have pursued a trade career.

Campbelltown Performing Arts High School student Belinda Calderon said the Girls Can Too programme helped boost her confidence.

“It’s been great to meet so many other female students who share the same interest as me,” said Calderon. “The programme has allowed me to be out and doing something different, something I thought I’d never have the opportunity to do.”

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, TAFE NSW says the Australian automotive industry is forecast to grow over the next five years, employing more than 287,000 people by 2025.

Terry Teremoana, TAFE NSW Head Teacher in Paint and Panel, said the programme was designed to encourage young women to explore a trade career.

“TAFE NSW has seen some great female alumni forge successful careers as mechanics, construction workers and panel beaters and this programme is very much about opening up opportunities for female high school students to explore trades courses,” said Teremoana.

“We are proud to equip students with practical skills and experience so they’re ready to hit the ground running in their chosen field.”