Standox Releases K9140-K9150 Matt Clear System

Standox has introduced a new matt clear system comprising two products: Standocryl 2K System Clear Super Matt K9150 and Standocryl 2K System Clear Satin Gloss K9140. Formulated with significantly smaller, state-of-the-art pigment size, Axalta says these two new matt clears deliver professional right-first-time results, every time.

According to Axalta, the intermixable 2K System Clear Super Matt K9150 and 2K System Clear Satin Gloss K9140 are best-in-class, enabling refinishers to match the widest range of OEM production finish gloss levels, from matt (5GU) to semi-matt (65GU).

“Many OEM finishes are often inspired by nature’s matt finishes, and with our new matt clear system, we are also providing high-quality inspiration,” said Jim Iliopoulos, Axalta’s Product and Technical Manager for Australia. “As the refinish experts, we have a responsibility to develop a new matt clear system so our refinishers can deliver right-first-time, high-quality matt finishes with consistent, reproducible results and low stockholding, just as you would expect from Standox.”

Using the latest innovation from Axalta and formulated for use with Standoblue Basecoat or original paintwork, refinishers can identify matt colours on the Acquire spectrophotometer. The correct matt colour match formula can also be found quickly and easily with the Standox advanced digital colour management software, Standowin iQ.

Axalta says that once applied, the two new clears offer improved colour and effect pigment clarity, meaning a much less grey or milky appearance, setting the bar for high-quality results with an excellent homogenous, uniform finish. They also provide a robust application for panel, multi-panel, and general repairs, and ease painters’ workloads as they do not require a special additive for plastics.

“Refinishers who use this system will not only benefit from incredibly reliable results, but also will benefit from a significant reduction of up to 35 per cent in drying times compared to existing systems, helping with energy savings,” added Iliopoulos.

The Standocryl 2K System Clear Super Matt K9150 and Standocryl 2K System Clear Satin Gloss K9140 are available from March 2023 from your local Standox distributor. For more information, contact Axalta on 1800 292 582 or email [email protected].