South Australia Launches Its First Dedicated EV Training Centre

South Australia Premier Peter Malinauskas and representatives from all sides of politics joined the Motor Trade Association SA/NT to officially launch the first dedicated electric vehicle training centre at the association’s state-of-the-art Royal Park workshop.

The MTA Electric Vehicle Training Centre features a range of the latest EVs, including the Hyundai Ioniq 6, Kia Nero, and BYD Atto 3, along with insulated workshop tools, hoists, and safety equipment.

The association has also partnered with myenergi for the supply of five chargers, allowing the MTA to use its renewable energy, charge EVs outside of peak times, and reduce energy bills.

“More and more South Australians are choosing to purchase an EV and this new centre will help facilitate this ongoing and future demand,” said Darrell Jacobs, CEO of the MTA SA/NT.

“Students will be undertaking their training on the latest vehicles with the latest tools, technology, and safety requirements. The centre will also allow the MTA to upskill existing technicians who are beginning to see EVs in their workshops and businesses for the first time.”

According to Jacobs, the facility will also be used to combat persistent automotive skills shortages. “The automotive industry has an opportunity to attract a whole new range of young people to work on really exciting vehicles with cutting edge technology and advanced electronics. As part of the MTA’s blended model of training, new apprentices now receive accredited EV training,” he said.

According to the latest (May 2023) figures, five per cent of all new cars sold this year in South Australia are EVs. This increased from two per cent last year and 0.45 per cent in 2021.

Jacobs said the transition to EVs “will not happen overnight”, but the state will experience a significant sales increase as new models and manufacturers enter the Australian market.

“Make no mistake – automotive is experiencing a revolutionary turning point representing some of the most significant innovations to mobility and transport seen in living memory,” he added.

Malinauskas said: “Automotive is part of our cultural and economic identity and it’s important we invest in this. Decarbonisation is now happening, and it is real. The MTA has always been at the forefront of taking up new technologies and is helping lead the way.”