Solera Publishes White Paper On Vehicle Claims Cycle At IBIS 2022

Solera Publishes White Paper On Vehicle Claims Cycle At IBIS 2022

Solera has released a consumer research whitepaper at the IBIS Global Summit in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Titled ‘The Digital-First Demand Shifts Claims Processes Into 6th Gear’, the document explores the company’s recent findings from the Global Innovation Index 2022 and highlights the impact on service providers in the face of increasing demand for digital-first automated claims, with soaring trust in AI-driven claims and repairs.

As digital-first channels revolutionise how claimants manage their motor claims and repairs, the whitepaper examines the effects of such change and provides advice on how to prepare for the technology’s growing adaption.

For example, almost half (49 per cent) of consumers are looking for fully digital, self-serve experiences and 43 per cent prefer a hybrid model blending digital tools with human contact, leaving eight per cent looking to keep the status quo. As more consumers change their insurance provider to one that offers digital claims technology, increasing numbers also suggested they would choose a repairer using AI to minimise the risk of error when performing work on their vehicle.

“Digitisation within the claims cycle is now an integral and expected part,” said Bill Brower, VP Industry Relations at Solera. “Our whitepaper explores the rate at which consumers now proactively seek automated self-serve models that meet their needs for digital convenience, speed, and accuracy. Those implementing cutting-edge technologies like AI are sure to benefit from critical customer retention, efficiency, and resilience.”

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