Smart Repair Australia (Rocklea) Gains I-CAR Australia Gold Class

I-CAR Australia has awarded Gold Class Collision status to Smart Repair Australia in Rocklea, Queensland after core staff members, who perform conventional panel repairs, met the training requirements.

“We’ve invested greatly in our people over the past few years and we want our people to be given every opportunity available to thrive in their careers,” said Greg Elliott, General Manager of Smart Repair Australia. “The Road to Gold Program was an obvious choice to aid us in this.

“Our Queensland staff were very positive from the outset to start training. On top of the learning, this was also a great team building and info sharing experience for them – having pizza and spending some time off the tools together was good for all.

“The team at I-CAR Australia were always very helpful and passionate about what they do, and this helped us greatly in structuring our training plan, ensuring we got great results.

“I would absolutely recommend training for Gold Class accreditation to everyone because I would like to see a consistent level of knowledge right across all forms of automotive repair businesses and for their staff. I think this is great for our industry.”

Although Smart Repair Australia is mainly a hail damage repair company specialising in PDR, it also performs panel repair, replacement, and refinishing. Having full time designated staff members performing these tasks allowed I-CAR Australia to develop a personalised training programme covering all aspects of conventional repair.

“The Rocklea team at Smart Repair Australia were very eager to be part of this learning culture and they completed a range of courses to meet the training requirements, with a highlight on the Lead Body Technician and Lead Estimator / Non-Structural Body Technician both successfully completing the I-CAR steel welding certification to verify their welding skill,” I-CAR said.

“We congratulate the team on their efforts. By achieving current I-CAR Gold Class status, Smart Repair Australia (Rocklea) joins a growing number of esteemed collision repairers to be recognised with this certification.”