Sherwin-Williams Launches Collision Core Pronto Automated Paint Dispenser In Australia

Sherwin-Williams says its “cutting-edge” Collision Core Pronto automated paint dispenser, which is new to the Australian market, is the answer to increasing body shop efficiency and output amid rising material and operating costs along with skilled labour shortages.

“The Collision Core Pronto is an all-in-one automated solution taking body shops into the future by addressing several key pain points seen in high-volume environments,” said Sherwin-Williams. “Unlike other mixing solutions, the Collision Core Pronto is truly automatic. With four high-tech dispensing heads, the Collision Core Pronto is able to process up to six unique batches of paint simultaneously.”

Coupled with a rapid colour turnaround time, Sherwin-Williams said the Pronto can process up to an “unheard of” 100 colours per day.

The Collision Core Pronto process requires no skilled labour. It has no “time consuming and tedious” manual mixing at any stage and, with a simple user interface, can be operated by anyone. The company said removal of the manual mixing process frees up a significant amount of time for technicians to “do more of what they love”.

Sherwin-Williams said that along with the capacity of increased volume output, the Collision Core Pronto also boasts “unparalleled colour precision capabilities”. The patented pumps can dispense as little as 0.01 grams of toner into any given mix, and is capable of dispensing paint samples as small as 50 grams. Fully integrated with Sherwin-William’s colour retrieval technology, the complexity and risk of human error is taken out of the colour matching process, saving time, materials, and stress.

According to Sherwin-Williams, these innovations lead to a body shop that is producing higher volumes of output while reducing material wastage and better using the skills of its painters.

The Collision Core Pronto is available exclusively through the company’s automotive finishes division.