Shell V-Power Racing Team Drivers In PPG Showdown

Shell V-Power Racing Team Drivers In PPG Showdown

The Shell V-Power Racing Team (previously DJR Penske) has launched a promotional video featuring its 2020 star drivers, Fabian Coulthard and Scott McLaughlin, in a collision repair scenario powered by PPG.

Filmed at the PPG Morningside Training Centre in Brisbane, it takes the two Shell V-Power drivers out of their comfort zone as they tackle three typical collision repair tasks in a winner-takes-all contest. The day went even better than expected, says Mark Haywood, PPG Queensland Training Manager.

“In conjunction with the Shell V-Power Racing Team crew, we brainstormed concepts that would provide a challenge for Scott and Fabian and they were well and truly up for it. Rather than just throw them in the deep end, we explained each competitive task, gave them a demonstration and even some practice time. We were expecting some disastrous outcomes when they got the spray guns in their hands, but they actually did a really good job even though they had never spray painted anything before. Each competitive task was about doing it as quickly as possible while also achieving the best outcome. It was close but you will have to watch the video to see who the overall winner was.”

This latest collaboration highlights the strong, long-term partnership between the Shell V-Power Racing Team and PPG, according to Jackson Stubbs, Partnership & Digital Media Manager for the team.

“Given the COVID-19 pandemic is limiting what we can do in other areas, this was about exploring other mutually-beneficial promotional opportunities. Capturing the competitive nature of our drivers in a fun, informational video is a great way to increase PPG’s exposure to the team’s extensive fan base.”

Watch the video below, or see it at the Shell V-Power Racing Team’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.