SEMA Show 2023 Attracts More Than 660 New Exhibitors

The SEMA Show returned to Las Vegas from 31 October to 3 November 2023, bringing together over 150,000 automotive aftermarket industry professionals and more than 2,200 exhibitors. According to SEMA, more than 20 per cent of exhibitors were new participants.

“The SEMA Show is one of the largest trade shows in the country, but it’s actually comprised of several smaller, distinct communities,” said Tom Gattuso, Vice President of Events at SEMA. “The networking that takes place within those groups is where you see the transformative power the show has to positively impact participants and chart the course of the aftermarket industry.”

SEMA said the show allowed exhibitors to create partnerships, such as OEMs who sought to connect with the aftermarket industry. “Toyota has always seen SEMA as a place to let our imagination run wild,” said Mike Tripp, Group Vice President Toyota Marketing. “This past show was no exception, as we tapped into thrills on the track… and the trail.”

Others used the show to help achieve a career in the automotive aftermarket sector. Masen Schneider, a mechanical engineering student at the University of North Dakota, received a SEMA Scholarship, which is awarded annually to students interested in careers in the automotive industry. “It means a lot to receive a scholarship from an organisation like SEMA because as big and impactful as they are, they see your story and experience and want to help propel you towards your dream,” said Schneider.

The show also featured a number of special vehicle builds, some of which appeared in the Battle of the Builders competition. Billed as the “aftermarket industry’s ultimate vehicle competition”, the programme celebrated 10 years of showcasing creativity and craftsmanship to a worldwide audience. The competition was won by Andy Leach, builder of a 1960 Buick Invicta Custom, the culmination of nine years’ work. “It’s a dream come true,” said Leach. “I’ve been chasing this award for nearly a decade.”

The SEMA Show will return to Las Vegas on 5 to 8 November 2024.

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