SEMA Registration Now Open

Individuals may now register to attend the 2013 SEMA Show by visiting The annual trade show, which is open to industry professionals in the automotive specialty equipment market, is set for Tuesday-Friday, November 5-8, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Preregistering online and obtaining approval well in advance of the Show is the most efficient and most economical way to obtain credentials to the SEMA Show,” said Peter MacGillivray, SEMA VP of events and communications. “In addition to paying a lower cost, attendees are able to receive their badges in the mail before the SEMA Show so that they can hit the Show floor running when they arrive.”

Buyer Registration:

•Buyer registration is available using the “Attendee” link at www.SEMAShow/com/register

•Buyers registering at before the early registration deadline pay just $25 and will receive their badges in the mail well in advance of the Show. They will also receive pre-Show publications, filled with maps, schedules of events and Show updates

•Buyers who have been approved for the SEMA Show in recent years can expedite the registration process by entering the email address that they used when they registered previously. Past attendees who may have forgotten what email address they used may call customer service at 866-229-3687. Those updating details, such as an email or mailing address, should have copies of items that will verify the changes ready to upload

•Buyers who have never been to the SEMA Show before can expedite the registration process by having proof of industry employment ready to upload. Proof of industry employment may include a business license, business card, pay stubs or similar items.

For more information visit or