SEMA Industry Awards Expand To “Recognise Contributions Of Growing Community”

SEMA has updated its industry awards, saying the updates are designed to reflect changes in the automotive specialty-equipment industry and give winners greater recognition for their contributions.

As e-commerce expands and data-driven transactions become more routine, the SEMA Warehouse Distributor of the Year award has evolved to become the Channel Partner of the Year award. SEMA said the rebranded award honours the contributions of sales, distributors, retailers, and ecommerce channels in the industry, while continuing to recognise beneficial efforts by distribution companies as they support retailers.

The Channel Partner of the Year award and Manufacturer of the Year award will be presented for the first time at the SEMA Show Kickoff Breakfast (previously known as the New Products Awards Breakfast), on 1 November 2022, before SEMA Show officially opens.

Other industry awards, including SEMA Person of the Year and GEN-III Innovator of the Year, will be presented at the Thursday evening SEMA Show Industry Awards Banquet.

“The SEMA Industry Awards represent the industry and as the industry evolves, we’re pleased to be able to evolve the awards as well,” said Chris Standifer, SEMA Project Manager of Recognition Programs. “We’re also excited to recognise the valuable contributions of leading companies at the SEMA Show Kickoff Breakfast for the first time this year. As businesses connect throughout the week of the show, it will be great for winning companies to be able to be recognised in Las Vegas.”