SATA Revamps Coins & More App, Programme

SATA says its Loyalty App now offers more benefits to people taking advantage of the SATA ‘Coins & More’ programme.

By purchasing SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) Cups, customers can earn ‘coins’ that can be used in a range of reward categories covering electronics, sports and leisure, tools, and home and garden categories, as well as selected SATA products.

The most convenient way to access the programme is via the SATA Loyalty App for smartphones and tablets. The company says that following a thorough revamp, the app offers a variety of improved functionalities and services.

  • Navigation: A new tab bar for direct access to features makes it easy to get to the SATA Loyalty Shop or News and Services. The SATA coin account balance is always displayed at the top right, while entry to the user’s account is at the top left. ‘Home’ now returns users to the start page from anywhere.
  • New content: Under ‘Account’ users can manage their profile data, view orders and change consents (such as subscription to the SATA newsletter). Under ‘Services’ content now includes competitions, surveys and a form to directly contact the SATA Loyalty Team.
  • New SATA Loyalty Shop: Accessed via ‘Rewards’ in the tab bar, the SATA Loyalty Shop includes a ‘filter’ to show the different store categories – home and garden, electronics, tools, vouchers, sports and leisure and SATA products. A handy red status bar shows if users have enough SATA coins to order each reward.
  • Ordering single rewards: In ‘order view’, users can select the order quantity and, if required, the model or variant of the reward, and then confirm the order. Users can also adjust their delivery address via the change delivery address link.
  • All orders at a glance: Each reward is now ordered individually. SATA says advantages include more transparency for orders, such as showing current shipping status for each individual reward under account/order history and the ability to call up the associated tracking number and tracking link. An email confirmation will no longer be sent.

To access the loyalty programme, download the free SATA Loyalty App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and set up a user account. Whenever SATA RPS cups are purchased, customers scan the QR code on each box and their account is automatically credited with ‘coins’. There will also be special promotional periods offering a chance to earn extra coins.