SATA Celebrates 20 Years Of Digital Technology

SATA is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the introduction of its digital spray gun technology.

In 2001 the company debuted what was then a state-of-the-art spray gun, complete with an integrated, digital inlet air pressure gauge conveniently built into the handle. Today, SATA says having a digital inlet air pressure gauge built into the gun handle is the accepted benchmark.

“The SATA Digital was, and still is, all about giving painters convenience and accuracy, particularly when it comes to the application of modern refinish basecoat systems,” the company said in a statement. “Even the slightest deviation in the process can negatively impact the result, so being able to accurately adjust the air pressure plays an important role for the reproducibility of colour tones and effects, and ensure a smooth, trouble-free workflow.

SATA says conventional, manual pressure measuring devices are unable to match digital.

“Not only are they relatively inaccurate, they are also sensitive to the knocks and drops of a typical day in the paint shop which can lead to even more inaccurate readings. In contrast, a SATA Digital model has the gauge well protected, inside the gun, allowing inlet flow pressure to be easily and precisely set for each and every job,” the company said.

The SATAjet X 5500 Digital is available from approved SATA distributors. A SATAjet X 5500 Setup Guide poster is also available by contacting your PPG Territory Manager, your PPG Training Manager or calling PPG’s Customer Service Hotline on 13 24 24.