SATA Announces Continued Apprentice Support

SATA’s special apprentice-friendly pricing allows budding tradespeople to choose from a long list of quality spray equipment to help build long, productive and enjoyable careers.

“From the very early stage of skills development, as they build a solid career foundation, apprentice spray painters can really benefit from using top-notch spray equipment,” said PPG, SATA’s Australian distributor. “It not only makes learning so much easier and more enjoyable, but it can also help accelerate their pathway to doing productive work in the refinish paint shop as soon as possible.”

With this in mind, SATA and PPG say they have created a unique initiative that offers apprentices a range of SATA spray equipment at heavily subsidised pricing.

“The aim is to give apprentices more tool purchasing power so they can fill their tool box with high quality, yet affordable equipment which will support their career long into the future,” said PPG.

“This popular initiative has been running for around a decade now and the choice of top-flight SATA products and the technology available has never been better.”

According to PPG, the range comprises virtually all the significant equipment an apprentice is likely to need:

  • SATAjet 4600 B RP digital 1.3
  • SATAjet 4600 B HVLP digital WSB
  • SATAjet 4600 B RP digital 1.2
  • SATAjet 100 B RP 2.0-mm spray gun with RPS
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP1.4 WOW gun
  • SATAjet 100 B F RP1.6 WOW gun
  • SATA MINIJET 4400 B RP 1.2 SR
  • SATA adam 2 digital air micrometer (complete)
  • SATA adam 2 Mini digital air micrometer (complete)
  • SATA adam 2 Dock
  • SATA adam 2 Mini Dock
  • SATA Vision 2000 Air Hood with filter

Vehicle painting apprentices at a training organisation around Australia can take advantage of the offer by obtaining the necessary form from their TAFE instructor, a PPG or Protec Territory Manager, or by calling the PPG Customer Service Hotline on 13 24 24. After completing the form and having the teacher sign it, apprentices should return it for processing and the items will be delivered.