Sagola X4100 Series Introduced To Australia

Axalta Coating Systems, Sagola importer for Australia, has released the Sagola X4100 Series pressure spray gun, which is specific to the industrial painting sector. According to Axalta, the X4100 maintains all the quality and durability standards of its predecessor, the 4100 Xtreme, but also incorporates new aspects that make it the perfect gun for the high demands of industrial painting.

A new body design, which is lighter and more adaptable than the previous model, makes it ideal for painting complex surfaces which are often encountered in industrial applications.

Axalta says the slightly smaller size of the X4100, its ergonomic fit in the hand, weight reduction, and improvement in support points, improve its manageability and reduce the feeling of fatigue during continuous work.

X4100, which Axalta says is best known for the air valve SOFT FLOW, creating higher precision smoothness even with high air pressure, can be used with a pressure pot or pressurised pump. Its robust design makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including solvent and water-based painting of decorative walls and ceilings, steel fabrication, wood, and metal.

“One of the key benefits of the Sagola range selected by Axalta is the value factor,” the company said. “Not only are the guns priced extremely competitively, but spare parts provide good value too. Often with competitor products, if a needle, nozzle, or an air cap gets damaged, then you’ll need to replace all three items. With all latest model Sagola guns, you can either purchase a replacement needle and nozzle as a set, or purchase the individual air cap. The cost savings are significant.”

The Sagola 4100X Series is available from your nearest Axalta distributor. For further information, visit or call Axalta on 1800 292 582.