Ronin Tools Offset Ring Wrenches

Ronin Tools has launched an all-new set of Offset Ring Wrenches to perfectly complement the existing high-quality combination wrenches that have proven to be so successful.
The professional Ronin Offset Ring Wrench set contains eight different offset wenches that in total cover 16 (8 X 2) sizes. Because the heads of the offset wrenches are positioned under an angle of 75Ëš, they are suitable for fixing bolts hidden between engine parts or in small working spaces.
The length of the offset wrench enables the professional to work with great force, thanks to the high quality mirror polished chrome vanadium steel.
The complete set consists of offset ring wrenches with the following dimensions:
•    6 X 7 – 8 X 9 – 10 X 11 – 12 X 13 – 14 X 15 – 16 X 17 – 18 X 19 – 21 X 23 mm.
The set of Ronin Offset Ring Wrenches is supplied in a practical inlay, so that the complete set can be easily stored in the Ronin tool station if required.
For more information contact the sole Australian agent for Ronin Tools, Grech Sales & Marketing, on Tel: 0401 918 501 or email [email protected]