Roberlo’s Velox High-Efficiency Primer Comes To Australia

Roberlo’s latest addition to its primer category, Velox, is a 6:1 UHS product that increases body shop productivity and saves energy.

Roberlo said Velox’s quick drying speed (ready to rub in 30 minutes), application without flash off, single-step sanding process and high-quality finish make it the ideal choice for body shops valuing efficiency and productivity.

The primer also offers great covering capacity, resulting in a fine finish that allows the sanding process to be carried out in a single step.

According to Roberlo, Velox’s versatility allows for high-thickness, surfacer and wet-on-wet applications.

The primer is available in black and white and is compatible with the KX hardener range, which it shares with various clear coats from the Kronox range.