Right To Repair’s Sukkar Acknowledges AAAA Work

Australian Federal MP and Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar has recognised the AAAA’s leading role championing the new Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Information Sharing Scheme and its importance for the Australian economy.

According to an interview Sukkar gave to the AAAA, he said there was a need for a law to protect Australian consumers’ rights to choose their repairer in a fair and competitive market. The law also had to ensure independent service and repair businesses could access service and repair information on fair and reasonable terms. The scheme recently became law, taking effect from 1 July 2022.

“The scheme will benefit independent repairers by mandating the provision of accessible and affordable diagnostic, repair and servicing information so they can do their job safely and effectively,” Sukkar said. “As the scheme rolls out, consumers will realise they have more options when they need to service and repair their car. This will promote competition, allow independent repairers to grow their businesses, and establish a fair playing field for all repairers.”

The AAAA said Sukkar regularly turned to them to provide examples of anti-competitive behaviour and for unique insights and advice for the Government.

“We have worked closely with the automotive industry, particularly the AAAA, on designing the scheme, and they have done a fantastic job of raising awareness with their members,” Sukkar said. “In fact, we have already received more than 350 emails from independent repairers – many I believe are AAAA members – thanking the Morrison Government for implementing the scheme.”

The full interview is available on the AAAA website.