Research Shows Extent Of Automotive Labour Shortage In Australia

A new report reveals that only 44 per cent of advertised jobs in the automotive industry were filled in the past year, showing the extent of the skills and workshop capacity gap the industry faces.

Commissioned and released by the Australian Collision Industry Alliance (ACIA), the report was prepared by the Centre for Work, Organisation and Well Being at Griffith University by Professor Paula Brough and her team as a first stage of a major research programme.

The report captures existing industry and like-industry information and key factors. Subsequent phases will encompass field data capture and analysis, benchmarking, policy review, recommendations, and best practice identification and information.

“Research has been done in the automotive sector in bits and pieces over the years, and the ACIA board felt that gathering that information into one place was the best place to start the ACIA’s research programme,” said Sarah Moynihan, a director of the ACIA.

“Members of the ACIA want to know what works ultimately, rather than throwing hopeful darts at the problem. With a multi-phase report programme, we can narrow the focus to just those things that work and those things that are really getting in the way of the sustainability of the industry’s workforce needs.”

Moynihan said the report will be available in full on the ACIA website, with ACIA and Griffith researchers to present the early findings at industry and member forums in the coming months.

The ACIA and Griffith are working on scoping phase two of the research programme, which will be a ‘deep dive’ on the specific factors raised by the phase one literature review.

“Good information is so vital to making cost-effective decisions about programmes and industry support. The ACIA is committed to making this information freely available to the industry and stakeholders, as it continues to develop its role in promoting the collision industry as a great place to have a long term and varied career,” said Moynihan.