Queensland Vehicles With Faulty Airbags To Have Registration Cancelled

Queensland vehicle owners who have not had their recalled airbags replaced will have their registrations cancelled by the state’s Department of Transport and Main Roads.

A report is currently being compiled by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) listing the registration numbers of cars that have not had the airbags replaced.

The airbags are said to be at added risk in Queensland as they can explode if exposed to high levels of moisture, especially in hot and humid conditions.

In a statement the department said: “TMR will take action against the registration of vehicles with high risk ‘alpha’ airbags once the ACCC provides details of vehicles where manufacturers have fulfilled their customer contact obligations under the mandatory recall process, but the airbag remains unreplaced.

“If a member of the community receives a defect notice, we strongly recommend they contact their local dealer/manufacturer immediately to have the vehicle repaired.

“Failure to comply with the defect notice may result in cancellation of registration for the vehicle.”

Vehicle owners on the list will be issued defect notices and have 21 days to have the recalled airbag replaced. The department will cancel the registrations of vehicle owners who fail to comply with the notice. The remaining portion of a cancelled registration fee will be refunded.