PX-300 Dust Buster System

Dust is one of the great enemies of the spray painter, and there have been many inventions to try to eliminate its impacts on quality paint finishes.
The latest development of the anti-static idea is the Dust Buster PX-300 System. This eliminates the static charge on the surface of panels and plastic bumper bars and fittings as well as in your airline supply.
By ionizing your air supply you can now eliminate dust from surfaces that are about to be painted by simply blowing the surface with ionized air. Once the surface has been “blown off” it is ionized and static free, which means the dust will not return.
Domenic Desisto of AAA Malibu Paint and Panel, in Minto, NSW said of the product, “Autoliner Australia installed the PX-300 Ionizing System into our spray booth. We have seen the elimination of dust in our paint, especially on plastic bumper bars.”
Selling at $1495 plus GST and fitting it is a small investment that can make a huge difference in the quality of your work.
For more information contact Autoliner Australia on Tel: (02) 9603 8009 or via email at [email protected]