Premier Launches Tierratech Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems In Australia

Premier Launches Tierratech Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems In Australia

Premier Machinery and Components says its range of ‘new-generation’ ultrasonic cleaning machines replace ‘time-poor and dangerous’ caustic baths, spin wash machines, and pressure washes, which the company says are also costly to run and inefficient.

The units are made by Spanish Tierratech Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, which Premier says is a QA-certified leading international manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

According to Premier, Tierratech ultrasonic cleaning produces “amazing results” within a 20-minute cycle time, degreasing, decarbonising, and descaling all manner of vehicle parts.

The Tierratech Motor Clean range is designed to suit all businesses, from small workshops to large heavy commercial transport operations. The equipment capabilities range from 30 to 8000 litres, with popular models including a 400-litre unit for passenger cars, 600-litre for most diesel engines and 1000-litre for large commercial engines.

The company says a new, advanced and cost-effective 215-litre unit with a loading capacity of 150kg is now available. Known as the Model MOT-200N, the unit comes with a stainless steel, thermally insulated tank lid, pneumatic platform, and waterflow system for oil separation. The control panel is a seven-inch screen with TFT display.

Another new system, a 185-litre unit, is ideally suited to smaller operators who previously could not justify the cost of a larger machine.

The equipment uses a working frequency of 40 kHz (sweep system plus two per cent), which Premier says achieves optimal cleaning without damaging soft materials such as aluminium, magnesium, and brass.

According to Premier, the machine operates at 70°C and holds heat overnight, has programmable operating times, and running costs as low as $1.40 per day with the 400-litre machine using 175 kWh of electricity over a seven-day period. Ultrasonic waves osculate with a six-inch travel agitation to ensure components are completely cleaned.

“These high-quality units clean regardless of the complexity of the pieces, especially internal recesses and hard to reach areas, they reduce energy costs, are more environmentally friendly, and dramatically reduce labour time,” said Daniel Parker, General Manager at Premier Machinery and Components.

According to Premier, the units are easy to operate via an advanced touch screen, which provides functional and intuitive access to ultrasonic time setting and peripheral or optional systems, with a programmable weekly calendar.

The company said it is important to use the specified chemicals, which cost $375 per 25-kilogram drum and last between six weeks and six months, depending on usage.

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