PPG Takes MoonWalk On The Road In ‘MoonVan’

PPG has created a fully fitted out ‘MoonVan’ to take PPG LINQ technologies, including the MoonWalk automated paint mixer and dispenser, directly to individual repairers or groups of repairers, no matter where they are around the country.

According to PPG, this will be particularly advantageous for regional or rural collision centres where the nearest MoonWalk demonstration unit can be far away. For other collision centres, having the MoonVan on-site allows paint teams to become familiar with the technology, use it on jobs, and see what it can do for them on a day-to-day basis.

“Thanks to its unique ‘click and go’ ability to mix Envirobase High Performance tinters to an accuracy of 0.01 grams, while also minimising waste and the possibilities of human errors, PPG’s MoonWalk automated dispensing technology has sparked an enormous amount of curiosity,” said PPG. “While many local collision centres have taken the opportunity to witness a live demonstration, it has been difficult for others due to the tyranny of distance and time. The solution is the MoonVan concept, which takes a modern high-roof van and packs it with PPG LINQ technologies, including a complete MoonWalk unit.”

John Hristias, PPG Sales Director Australia, said packaging a full suite of PPG LINQ technologies into the MoonVan means it’s easy to experience how simple the plug-and-play systems are to use and how they combine to create a powerful paint shop tool.

“Inside MoonVan, people can immerse themselves in the PPG LINQ digital eco-system. They can take a reading of a vehicle’s paint work with the next generation DigiMatch spectrophotometer, then transfer that data to the VisualizID 3D colour visualisation software. Then, technicians can experience the shift from physical spray-out cards to 3D digital spray-out cards that give them the tools to quickly and easily select the best colour match without using a drop of tinter,” said Hristias.

“From there, simply send the formulation and required volume to MoonWalk and it will dispense it with incredible accuracy, even when only tiny amounts of tinter are required. Once painters have experienced this ‘paint shop of the future’, there is no going back to traditional methods,” he added.