PPG Sustainability CO₂NCEPT Helps Body Shops Reduce Energy, Waste, And Emissions

PPG has launched the PPG Sustainability CONCEPT system, a suite of products, processes, digital tools, and consulting services designed to help body shops reduce energy, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the automotive repair process.

“Like many industries, there is immense pressure for body shops to reduce their environmental footprint and decrease energy use given the recent dramatic increase in energy costs,” said Jerome Zamblera, PPG Vice President Automotive Refinish, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). “Through the launch of the PPG Sustainability CO₂NCEPT system, PPG recognises an opportunity to better partner with customers and support the demand for sustainable solutions that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.”

The PPG Sustainability CO₂NCEPT includes:

  • Consulting and training services, which can help body shops identify the activities that consume the greatest energy and generate the most significant amount of carbon emissions. The PPG team will evaluate alternatives that could deliver lower emissions and generate potential cost savings for the shop through:
    • Spray booth efficiency
    • Product selection
    • Repair process improvements
  • Air-drying primers and clearcoats that can reduce energy consumption by up to 65 per cent compared to traditional oven-cured coatings
  • Primers applied via rollers and air dried, which offer energy savings of up to 95 per cent by replacing a spray gun within a spray booth
  • Ultraviolet (UV)-cured primers for small repairs that can provide energy savings of up to 85 per cent and shorter processing times.