PPG Rolls Out Linq Connectivity Platform To EMEA

PPG has announced the Europe, Middle East, and Africa release of its Linq digital ecosystem for the refinish market, which interconnects digital hardware, software, and services using a cloud-based platform to transform body shop processes.

The system’s PPG VisualizID 3D visualisation software and the PPG DigiMatch digital colour camera combine to digitise the colour-matching process, which the company said significantly boosts speed and efficiency while reducing product wastage, saving money and improving ecological sustainability.

According to PPG, the DigiMatch multi-angle digital colour camera is an ergonomic, lightweight device that can be operated with one hand. It features six imaging angles and six reflectance angles to capture vehicle colour and texture information quickly and accurately.

The VisualizID software uses the information gathered by PPG’s DigiMatch spectrophotometer to search a portfolio of more than 70,000 colours and select a precise match. PPG said new colours will be constantly added and updated immediately, rather than having to wait several months as is the case with printed colour tools.

“Customer insight and feedback played a big part in the development of this system, so our customers can be confident that the PPG Linq system will allow them to meet these goals by increasing the speed and efficiency of their operations,” said Jerome Zamblera, PPG Vice President EMEA Automotive Refinish.